25 Ways To Take A Break (Part 2 of 2)

25 Ways To Take A Break (Part 2 of 2)
25 Ways To Take A Break
With the endless distractions we have nowadays, we often forget how important taking regular breaks is in order for us to centre and reconnect with ourselves. Yesterday we listed 25 simple ways to take a break that you could easily incorporate into your daily lives. Sit tight because we've got another 25 ways for you today! Here’s part 2 of 2:
  1. Colour with crayons
  2. Make some music
  3. Climb or sit under a tree
  4. Do some gentle stretches
  5. Paint on a surface other than paper
  6. Write a quick poem
  7. Read poetry
  8. Move twice as slowly
  9. Call a loving friend
  10. Buy or pick some flowers
  11. Stroll around town
  12. Visit a farmers market
  13. Find a relaxing scent
  14. Designate time for your own coffee break
  15. View some art or visit an art gallery
  16. Read or watch something funny
  17. Pet a furry creature
  18. Forgive someone
  19. Let go of something
  20. Give thanks
  21. Engage in small acts of kindness
  22. Put on some music and dance
  23. Take a foot bath
  24. Play a word game
  25. Unplug

That completes the second half of our ways to take a break series.  Which ones are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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