How To Enjoy Being Online {Part 1} || Love Row Blog

How To Enjoy Being Online {Part 1} || Love Row Blog
With millions and millions of people using social media it’s an amazing way to connect but it can also be hard to maintain your own sense of self, self-confidence and your own set of beliefs shaped and informed by YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES.
The media ideals and goal posts of beauty are constantly changing and if you don’t happen to fit that image at that time, you can be left feeling a little - or very - self-conscious.
The same goes for changing opinions. What’s the right thing to say? How do we say it? Who decides what’s right or wrong? There’s a constant bombardment of random people’s opinions – which, might we add, are not important to you – which trivial as they may seem, have the capacity to turn the whole social media experience sour.
Here are a few tips we’ve put together that anyone can use for a more enjoyable and beneficial experience online while keeping your own sense of self intact.
Follow a funny meme account
Audrey Hepburn once said that laughter is one of her favourite things to do and cures a multitude of ills. Well, we couldn’t agree more. We love to laugh! There are so many great meme accounts that can cheer you up and make you either chuckle or send you into a fit of side-splitting laughter. We love Hackneys Finest and Turfle
Follow a nature account
If you live in a city or town and yearn for the great outdoors, but can’t quite make the time, you could follow a guide account to keep the hope that you can breathe beautifully fresh air soon alive. We love the Destination British Colombia Instagram account.
Follow an artist’s account
Great art makes the heart glad so why not surround yourself with wonderful creations and keep your heart happy. Jess Durrant makes beautiful, elegant watercolour paintings that make you swoon so much you’d love to own piece of your own. Check out the sassy, detailed and beautiful art by Zyra
We hope you enjoy the list so far! Stay tuned for Part 2 

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