How To Enjoy Being Online {Part 2} || Love Row Blog

How To Enjoy Being Online {Part 2} || Love Row Blog
Hey! So, last week we gave you some tips on how you can enjoy your online experience.  We mentioned funny meme accounts and nature accounts with beautiful outdoor visuals that simply make you feel good. Here are some more ways you can enjoy being online.
Follow a mind positive role model
It’s amazing meeting someone who has achieved their status with their mind and knowhow. Not so much meeting someone who has become successful because of his or her looks alone. Because, let’s face it, even someone with a text book gorgeous face can have a toxic personality. Someone who teaches us that complete success is not only determined by how you look, but by hard work, dedication, creativity and smarts is Shonda Rhimes.  Sophia Amoruso, the former NastyGal CEO and writer of the bestselling #GirlBoss made her mark on her industry by working hard, using her street smarts and not taking no for an answer.
Follow someone who does a lot for charity
Mark Bustos works full-time as a hair stylist but finds time to give the homeless around New York City a free haircut. Seeing such a simple thing like a hair cut boost a person’s confidence makes you feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy inside and can inspire you to come up with charitable ideas for your own little corner of the world. Check out his Instagram account and give him a follow!
Follow an ‘honest’ blogger
By “honest blogger”, we mean bloggers who are open about the emotional rollercoasters and ups and downs that come with life in general; navigating the world of blogging and real life relatonships. Enter French born, New York living awesome blogger, Garance Dore and British former journalist, now full-time brilliant blogger, Hannah Gale.  Garance posts hilarious and refreshingly honest accounts of her life, is a talented fashion illustrator and is a connoisseur of fashion and style. Hannah, like Garance, is incredibly funny and soo relatable. She regularly blogs about fashion, travel and her experiences navigating the world of relationships and life in general.
What do you think? Are there things that put you off social media, too? Has this helped? Or do you have any suggestions for us? Don’t be a stranger! Let us know in the comments what you think. And don’t forget to share if

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