How To Get Your Feet Pretty And Summer Ready

How To Get Your Feet Pretty And Summer Ready
Following on from our ‘get yourself looking fab for summer’ theme, it’s time to focus on our feet! We’re in the midst of summer and it’s all about keeping ourselves cool in sandals and flip-flops. But for toes that haven’t seen the sun for months, we’ve got just what you need to help you get the professional pedicure look in the comfort of your home.
Foot soak
This is the first stage of the process. Soak your feet for up to 10-15 minutes to loosen and soften all those dead skin cells that have built up, making it easier to slough it off. Mix half a cup of Epsom salts - which works to soothe your feet and soften your skin - into your footbath. Top up with hot water whenever the foot bath water cools down.
Pumice stone
For soft feet, you need to get rid of all of that dead skin. Soaking the skin for long enough makes it much easier to slough off all the layers of dead skin especially on the heel and balls of your feet. Start at the heel and make gentle but pressured circular motions all the way round the outside, then down the middle of your soles. Don’t forget the balls of your feet and the area between and the tops of your toes, which often get neglected. Focusing on one foot at a time, repeat the process two or three times. This all natural pumice stone from the Ethical Superstore is perfect if you haven't got one already.
Cuticle pusher
While your feet are still damp, push down any cuticles with a cuticle pusher, like this one from Boots, which will help towards keeping your nail bed looking neat.
Buffer block
Next comes shaping each nail with the nail file side of a 4 way buffer block (**!Note: Don't use this side for your actual nail bed!** A couple of us at Love Row HQ had to learn this the hard way with weak nails for a long time :S). If your nails are too long, trim with a pair of nail clippers before shaping them with the buffer block. Then, gently buff, polish and shine each nail with the respective sides of the buffer block and you’re ready for the next step.
The best moisturisers are ones which penetrate the skin AND lock in moisture. Shea butter is a great all round moisturiser that also nourishes the skin and is great for your nails, too. You can slather on as much as you want. Go crazy with as much as you can tolerate and then put on some cotton socks either for a few hours or overnight.
Nail Polish
If you prefer not to wear nail polish on your toe nails, you can keep them shiny and looking great with nail oil which is perfect for keeping cuticles from drying and can promote nail growth.  Try this nail oil by Jessica if you're a nail oil type of gal - or guy!  If, on the other hand, you love a bit of colour on your toes, bright pastel colours are perfect for the season. Coral or pastel red would be the go to summer shades but if you’re feeling especially bold, go for oranges or yellows to stand out. Try these coral and red shades by Pacifica's range of vegan nail colours, which are free of harmful chemicals to boot. 
Don’t forget to slather enough sun tan lotion on your feet, which are often the most forgotten parts our bodies!
Did you find this helpful? Do you have any suggestions? Let us know in the comments section below! Here’s to beautiful summer feet!

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