How To Give Yourself The Perfect Manicure At Home

How To Give Yourself The Perfect Manicure At Home
When you really want to pamper yourself but can’t be asked to leave your house or your regular manicurist is out of town, one of the things you can do to make yourself feel fabulous is give yourself a manicure. But if you don’t really know how to here’s just what you need to do.
Remove Old Nail Polish
Now, this goes without saying, obvs, but we think the best nail polish removers you should go for are ones that condition your nails and don’t strip them of moisture and keep them dry. Follow with a rinse of your hands and nails with lukewarm water.
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Shape And Polish Nails
Using a buffer block, shape the tips of your nails with the nail file side and the smooth, buff and shine your nail beds using the respective sides.
Soak your hands in a bowl of hand-hot water with a few drops of lavender essential oil and tea tree oil.
Treat Cuticles
As long as they might be, don’t be tempted to cut your cuticles. Your cuticles actually protect your nails from bacterial and fungal infections, which is why it’s important to maintain this layer of skin. Instead, to keep your nails neat and tidy, simply use a cuticle pusher after a hand bath to gently push them down giving you a nice, clean and healthy nail bed to work with.
Hand scrub
Do you ever get conscious that your hands are a little on the dry or even rough side? Well, it’s a concern that a lot of other people have, too! All you’d need to do is exfoliate your hands once or twice a week with a homemade or shop bought hand scrub (NOTE: If you’re buying yours from a store, be sure to read the label and avoid products that contain microbeads as they are extremely harmful to sealife). We’ve put together a wonderfully simple hand scrub recipe with kitchen cupboard ingredients that you can whip up in no time:
Sugar Lemon Hand Scrub
What you'll need:
50 grams of brown sugar
30mls of extra virgin olive oil
Juice of half a lemon squeezed
Stir the mixture
Dampen your hands with warm water
Spoon the mixture into the palm of one hand and rub your hands together, spreading the mixture all over your hands to exfoliate the front and backs and in between your fingers.
Rinse off with warm water and enjoy your silky smooth hands!
Oil Your Cuticles And Nails
To prevent your cuticles from becoming dry, cracked or broken, it’s recommended to apply a moisturising oil to the area regularly. Oils such as Shea butter will work wonders as it’s easily absorbed, softens your skin and is abundant in vitamin E, which helps repair damaged, torn skin as well as keep your cuticles soft.
Apply Nail Polish In Layers
If you’re using a bold, bright colour, you’ll need to apply a base coat as it keeps the colour from dyeing your nails. Leaving a tiny gap between the sides of your nail bed and skin, apply it in three stokes from left to right and let it dry
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Next apply the first layer of your chosen colour in the exact same way you applied your base coat and let this dry for about 5-10 minutes.
TOP TIP: To test if your nails are dry, touch your polished nails together – if they stick to each other, they're not dry yet. If they don’t feel tacky, they’re dry and you’re ready for the next coat. This way you won’t get the dreaded fingerprint when you’re test with your fingertips!
Next apply your final colour coat and let dry. To keep your nail polish from chipping and more in tact for longer, use a top coat and apply using the same techniques you used for the base coat and the nail polish.
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Clean up any excess nail polish by dipping a cotton bud (q-tip) into nail polish remover and use where needed.
Leave your nails to dry for about 10 minutes (it seems a little over cautious, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!)
Finally, rinse your hands with warm water, pat dry and moisturise with Shea butter for incredibly soft hands to match your new fabulous manicure!
And there you have it! Let us know if you like it and share with your friends!

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