Love Row Friday Favourites || A List Of The Best Things This Week

Love Row Friday Favourites || A List Of The Best Things This Week
It's Friday!! Which means it's time for our Friday Favourites. Our rundown of the things we've loved this week. Today's list features music, fabulously funny illustrations and spooky stories by way of the Fireside Mystery Theatre Podcast. Enjoy!
Music ~ James Vincent McMorrow 'Get Low'
Gosh, this man’s voice is like thick, sweet, melted chocolate. Honestly! This Get Low is the song of our Friday afternoon and we just fancied sharing this with you! With a fabulous rhythm and smooth vocals, it’s just what you need on a Friday.
Smoothie ~ Banana and Peanut Butter
1 ripe banana
1-2 tablespoons of natural (and/or organic) peanut butter
1 cup of raspberries
1 cup of crushed ice
Chuck it all in a blender/smoothie maker, blend and serve!
Based on a true story of a New York socialite who absolutely loved to perform and made it to the stage several times, but wasn’t exactly the best singer around, Florence Foster Jenkins has to be the ultimate feel good film. It’s funny, inspiring and the relationship between the two main characters, Florence and St Clair is particularly heart-warming.
Love Row Blog || Friday Favourites || Florence Foster Jenkins
Fun Illustrated Products - Gemma Correll Illustrated Gifts
Who doesn’t love art? But art that pairs agonies of day-to-day life with a large sprinkle of funny is particularly amazing. Enter Gemma Correll, who refers to herself as the ‘infamous anti-socialite and pug lady’; she produces comics and adorns paper goods with her hilarious illustrations including depictions of what ‘The Perils Of Overthinking’ does to you and her ‘Existential Makeup Tips’.
Love Row Blog || Friday Favourites || Gemma Correll
Podcast ~ Fireside Mystery Theatre
If you love theatre and classic/original horror, you’d love this podcast! The stories that they tell are creepy, fun and the creative plots leave you in suspense. Each week you get the perfect blend of humour and dark horror because it’s well written, well acted and always entertaining! We highly recommend you have a listen. Plus, if you live in or if ever you visit New York, you can watch the recording live.
There you have it folks! We hope you enjoyed this week’s Friday Favourites. If you like it, why not share it with your peoples?! And if you have any Friday Favourite suggestions, let us know in the comments below.

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