The Handbag Essentials You Should Never Go Without

The Handbag Essentials You Should Never Go Without

We've listed those daytime essentials that you can't leave the house without!

Hand Moisturiser

Washing your hands throughout the day with products you don’t have control over like the hand wash in the bathroom at work can leave your hands dry, irritated and not feeling as soft as they usually should. Taking care of the skin on your hands is surprisingly and regularly overlooked but not here! Investing in a great hand moisturiser will leave your skin smooth, protected and soft and supple. This pocket-sized Shea butter hand moisturiser by Skin Amour can do just that.

If you're someone who wears your high heels at work but flat shoes in transit, bringing your own high heel carrier along with you is literally the most genius way to carry your heels and keep them nice, clean and pristine for the office!
Love Thy Heels High Heel Carrier
Pocket Tissues
Anyone on the go can attest the importance of keeping a pack of tissues in their bags because we all remember the time we got caught out. Nose running, rummaging in our bags and the horror of realising we have nothing to wipe it up with! Needless to say, lessons were learnt. Which is why pocket tissues are a must-have whenever you leave your house for the day.
Portable Charger
During the summer days when we spend less time indoors and are outside for a lot longer (who would want to miss out on post-work drinks in a bar with a terrace!), we don’t want our phones to die on us leaving us frantically going from one person to another asking if they have a charger and begging and pleading to use it to get your phone battery to at least 30%. Carrying a portable charger is the answer. They’re usually small enough to be kept in a clutch and you can go through the whole day without worrying about whether your phone is going to die on you.
Here’s one by Anker we love to use at Love Row HQ
Pocket Mirror
Lipstick on your teeth, bats in the cage or smudged eyeliner. Ever got to a bathroom mirror after a long face to face conversation with someone and realised that 1 or 2 or 3 –or more- of these things applied to you? Cripes. Carrying a pocket mirror to make sure everything is in check before the next meeting is a great idea. 
Summer sun is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the season. Besides shielding your eyes from the sun, they can be used to hide a tired face and eyes, used as a headband or create a focal point for your ensemble.
Quay Australia makes cool, trendy, slick and affordable(!) pairs.
Hair Ties and Bobby Pins
We can’t answer the question where do all our lost hair ties and bobby pins end up – probably the same place odd socks do – but we can encourage you to buy more! And keep a supply in your handbag. What we recommend is when you buy your next supply is buy double and split one pack of hair ties and bobby pins between each of your handbags so you’ll never be caught short and you have piece of mind that you always
have some!
Did we miss anything out? Let us know in the comments section and if you agree with us, why not share this with your friends?! 




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